Internet of Things World

Delighted to be speaking at the IoT World conference in Dublin this November. We look forward to sharing our experiences from Startup Scaleup and meeting key players from across Europe.

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Internet of Banking

CEO Tanya will be speaking in London at the Internet of Banking event on the 9th November on customer-centric financial services.

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Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley

We are looking forward to strengthening links across the Atlantic as part of the delegation travelling to Moutain View this September for Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley. Contact us to find out more.


New ways to create value

We support innovation in all types of organisations, finding new ways to grow through new value creation.


Sustainable, systemic

We work to specific challenges so results are clear. We also make sure that your team have the tools and know-how to continue to implement successfully.


Ecosystem approach

We have an ecosystem approach to innovation. We look at what your customers goals are and how and why they choose solutions to help them achieve them. We also look at your own boundries before moving to ideation and helping you introduce market relevant innovations.


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

BluSpecs provides you with structured support to innovate in what you do and how you do it.

Unlike traditional consultancy or internally led initiatives, we provide you with actionable market insights to help you investigate, ideate and implement a new generation of products and services.

This focus on your wider ecosystem means that we can provide you with an innovation blueprint that doesn’t go out with the tide. It can guide your strategic and operational development for a 3-4 year period.


Our aim is to help you get where you want to go. Faster. How? By helping you to get data on stakeholder needs, ideate your next generation of products and services, define the roadmaps, find quicker routes to implementation…

We have a proven method that ensures that whatever you do, it is focused on the needs of your ecosystem.  Your decisions can be evidence-based and you can steer your organisation through the turbulent waters of today’s business environment.

Studies comparing successful and unsuccessful innovation have found that the primary discriminator was the degree to which user needs were fully understood.

David Garvin

Harvard Business Review


We’ll help you frame the challenge so that the parameters for action are clear, capture needs and rank them in order of priority.


We’ll work with your team to design solutions that are directed at needs that present a clear oportunity for value creation.


We’ll guide you in devising the business model for each solution and perform any iterations necessary to adapt the solution to different verticals or geographical markets.

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Future-proofing your organisation

Disruptive innovation isn’t a theory; it’s the new paradigm. We help you define how your value proposition can stay relevant in an ever changing world, so that you stay one step ahead.



New products, new services

Our premiere innovation programme to identify the greatest opportunities to create next-generation products and services, identify new markets, find opportunities for brand extensions, or  innovate  your business models


Our way to open innnovation

When a new technology like IoT or Blockchain comes along, you can find yourself unsure about what it can mean for your organisation. We can help you define the challenge and pair up start-ups and technology experts with your team to explore the opportunity together


Start ups and the Internet of Things

Many companies are pursuing corporate venturing programmes as part of their innovation strategies. We can help you set up and run a programme that fits in with your longer-term market strategy.

Disruption is a positive force. It is the process by which an innovation transforms a market whose services or products are complicated and expensive into one where simplicity, convenience, accessibility and afffordability characterise the industry.

Clayton Christensen


Our Team

Tanya Suárez

Tanya Suárez


Gabriel Ochoa de Zabalegui

Gabriel Ochoa de Zabalegui

Principal Agrofood

Brendan Rowan

Brendan Rowan


Philip Allgoth

Philip Allgoth

Principal Nordic Region

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Principal UK & Ireland

Andrés Iborra

Andrés Iborra

Principal Mobile technologies and entrepreneurship

Juan Llanos

Juan Llanos

Principal Finance and Digital Currencies


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