On the edge: marking the impact of the cei continuum on skills demands

On the Edge: Marking the impact of the CEI Continuum on Skills demands stands as a pivotal document uncovering the intricacies of skill demands and challenges in advanced digital technologies, with a specific focus on the convergence of Cloud and IoT within the computing continuum. Funded by the Digital Europe Programme, the LEADS project aims to identify key roles, develop skills profiles and, support business modelling for the deployment of leading CEI use cases.

A key highlight of the paper is its hybrid approach to skills in Edge Computing, combining existing and innovative proficiencies, and accentuating the fusion of Cloud and IoT skills. The research underlines the escalating demand for digital skills in Europe, providing a granular breakdown by job role and use case. Highlighting cybersecurity managers, data scientists, cloud engineers, and AI/ML research engineers since these are particularly sought-after roles.

Overall, the paper exploration of challenges is noteworthy by revealing the scarcity of qualified candidates for edge computing roles and the dearth of practical experiences with emerging technologies at university level. Beyond the present challenges, the paper projects the future for digital skills in European industries, shifting towards industry-specific applications, emerging technologies, and the integration of data analysis and AI capabilities. It delves into specific use cases like smart cognitive manufacturing, precision farming, smart ports, and disaster management. These real-world applications showcase the transformative potential of advanced digital technologies in areas such as energy efficiency, security, disaster response management, and crisis communication.

This paper is a must-read for industry professionals, policymakers, and researchers interested in understanding the evolving landscape of digital skills in Europe, the challenges in sourcing talent, and the forecasted future roles in the implementation of edge computing use cases. It offers actionable insights into addressing skills gaps and lays the groundwork for the successful deployment of advanced digital technologies in Europe.

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