Privacy Symposium 2023

The Privacy Symposium serves as a platform for international dialogue and collaboration, bringing together over 200 authorities and experts to exchange insights on data protection, compliance, and innovative technologies. Our CEO, Tanya Suarez, is a frequent speaker at this esteemed European event. This year, she had the privilege of chairing a session titled “Making Digital Transformation Privacy by Design,” which brought together industry and government experts to discuss the interconnected nature of digital transformation and privacy:

  • Veronica Jarnskjold Buer; Head of Department Technology. Norwegian Data Protection Authority
  • Thomas Hahn; Chief Expert Software Siemens AG
  • Ulrich Kelber; The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information BfDI.

This session delved into the symbiotic relationship between digital transformation and privacy, with a particular focus on European measures aimed at ensuring a level playing field for data and preventing abuses of market dominance. Key points explored included:

  • Recognizing significant obstacles in harnessing the complete economic and social potential of data while ensuring fairness and sustainability
  • Assessing the anticipated impact of the EU’s new Data Act
  • Exploring the necessary tools and measures to strike a balance between safeguarding individuals and businesses and avoiding the hindrance of innovation, particularly in the fields of AI and machine learning.

To learn more about data governance and privacy, read more in the blog Tanya wrote on our LinkedIn.

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