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Digital Engagement

Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a unir lo cíber-físico. 

La especialización sectorial que erguía ciertas barreras a la competencia está siendo erosionada por nuevas empresas digitales, grandes y pequeñas. Esta digitalización de la economía plantea retos, pero también presenta oportunidades. Para explotarlas bien, hay que asegurar que se usan los datos adecuados: apenas el 1% de los datos disponibles son relevantes a la hora de impactar sobre experiencia del cliente. Ayudamos a nuestros clientes explorar sus datos para eliminar la fricción en la experiencia del cliente y aumentar los ingresos que cada uno genera para la empresa (CLV).

A fresh look for new ideas

Sometimes you just need to explore new approaches with your team. Whether its taking a fresh look at a recurring problem or looking for blue sky opportunities, we can help you facilitate your innovation workshops from a 1-day creativity drive to intensive data-driven think-ins.

Innovation Workshops

Technology Ecosystems

Pioneering new technologies

When a new technology like IoT or Blockchain comes along, you can find yourself unsure about what it can mean for your organisation. We can help you define the best ecosystem strategy and plan to achieve your goals. Through our curated networks of domain experts and startups we ensure that your organisation is ahead of the curve.

IoT Tribe

The club where Corporates and Startups do business

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IoT World

Delighted to be presenting at the IoT World conference in Dublin, sharing our experience of corporates working with startups and meeting the key players in IoT from across Europe.


Internet of Banking

CEO Tanya was speaking at the Internet of Banking event in November on customer-centric financial services.

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Big Brother in the Bathroom: AMA with Intel’s VP of IoT

At the start of December, we launched our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Intel’s VP of IoT, Philip Moynagh.

With our focus on IoT and thanks to our partners at the Ryan Academy, we were delighted to have the Vice-President of Intel’s Internet of Things group, Philip Moynagh who views IoT as the merging of the physical world with the digital economy that is set to make the internet as we know it look like an opening act.

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Disrupting Financial Services: the Blockchain Revolution in Banking and Beyond

In the past two years over US$900 million has been invested in the so-called crypto-technology industry and its promise to revolutionize not only the world of money, payments and finance, but also identity, accounting, the law and the Internet itself. It’s time for companies to invest in exploring this blockchain technology or face being blind-sided by serious disruptors as has happened in other industries.

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