We are a team of experienced multi-disciplinary consultants based across Europe and the US. We feel passionate about innovation. About its ability to drive entrepreneurship. About the traction it provides for established  company growth. About its role in job creation. About its contribution in solving the most difficult challenges that face society today.

Our work is bespoke. Our projects, like our clients, are unique in design and implementation, as well as in the results sought and achieved. Whether you need our services to be one to one, or one to many, we truly believe we can help your organisation and your people prosper.

So call us today and we can explore the opportunities for value creation for you, with you.

Tanya Suárez


Sandra Bates

Principal and author, The Social Innovation Imperative US

Philip Allgoth

Principal Nordic region

Andrés Iborra

Principal Mobile technologies and entrepreneurship

Gabriel Ochoa de Zabalegui

Principal Agrofood

Brendan Rowan

Consultant EMEA