Shared Digital Futures – EU Policy and NGIoT

Shared Digital Futures provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of key European legislation and proposals on the IoT and edge community. Authored by Tanya Suárez, Martín Robles, and Brendan Rowan, this document is a valuable resource for all stakeholders in this space.

The opening section provides an overview of the European digital policy landscape, including key acts and proposals that are relevant to the IoT and edge community. This includes a discussion of the Proposal for Data Act, Proposal for Cyber Resilience Act, Proposal for AI Act, and Digital Services Package. The second section focuses on the implications of these legislative changes for the Next Generation Internet of Things (NG-IoT). We discuss how different regulations impact NG-IoT building blocks to varying degrees, with a particular emphasis on how the Data Act and AI Act are likely to have a direct impact on this space.

The paper also explores how businesses can adjust to these changes by defining data generation, usage, and accessibility in agreements and protecting SMEs through fair terms in data-sharing contracts. Finally, we provide an appendix that includes key obligations, roles and definitions related to these legislative changes. Overall, the paper is an essential resource for any business operating in the IoT and edge community that wants to stay up-to-date with European digital policy developments.

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