Senior Consultant – Sustainable Industry & Data

We are now looking for an experienced consultant to join our Sustainable Industry, Tech & Data team, with the capacity to take a lead in our ongoing work with our public and private clients and help them grow through data-driven strategies in order to build a more sustainable future.


The role

As a Senior Consultant you will be responsible for leading on a diverse set of activities at the cutting edge of sustainable industrial technologies and data. The role requires curiosity, creativity, and a real interest in participating and contributing to key digital ecosystems across Europe. You will:

  • Play an active role in the design of new business propositions and knowledge-intensive projects, based on a deep understanding of how sustainability can underpin future resilience and competitiveness in firms across different sectors.
  • Engage with key industry players to align novel technologies with business challenges.
  • Play an active role in key industrial associations and alliances and within established partnerships through active and visible participation.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of sustainability and digital transformation projects for our clients.
  • Deliver on a wide range of projects across different verticals, focusing on quality and additionality.


Your profile

You have at least 3 years of consultancy experience, supporting the adoption and implementation of advanced technologies as a driver of sustainability and competitiveness in relevant sectors such as industry, energy, and mobility.


You should be able to demonstrate that your skills include:

  • The ability to understand and relate to client needs and develop winning proposals that address these needs.
  • Engaging and educating new corporate clients across a range of sectors on climate change, carbon neutrality and net zero strategies
  • Assessing, defining, and communicating the value to be derived from the application of advanced technologies, including Edge Computing, IoT and Cloud, within a specific context.
  • Working with colleagues to define methodologies and tools to capture and analyse knowledge and data.
  • Proficiency in developing relevant and high-impact reports, infographics, presentations, and other such material.
  • An understanding of the dynamics of market competitiveness, innovative business models, etc.


Experience in CSR, calculating carbon footprint, working with SBTs, sustainability consulting, life cycle analysis, or environmental reporting is desirable, but not mandatory.


What we offer

1| Intellectually stimulating work with great clients and colleagues from across the globe

2| Days are long-ish (we don’t clock-watch- we are more interested in results) but Friday afternoons are free to start the weekend early

3| Opportunity to travel

4| Lunch & learn on topics work and non-work related

5| Book allowance, for reading on the beach or skilling up

6| Join the company pitch to select the charity for our annual donation

We are committed to ensuring that our team works in a collaborative work environment that supports their personal and professional development. We will enable and actively support you in defining your own path and reach new goals with the capacity to work on exciting initiatives and propose new opportunities.

We value and work with truly diverse teams from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. We provide access to a borderless ecosystem and offer a dynamic environment working with new partners and networks to meet the demands our clients and our projects require growing our own knowledge and capacities.



If you think your profile fits and would like to apply, please send your CV to with a cover letter with:

  1. Details of up to 2 projects you have worked on in the last 3 years that demonstrate you have the skills mentioned above, describing your role and how you contributed to its overall success.
  2. An explanation of why you want to join BluSpecs.
  3. Your salary expectations and your availability.


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