Galactic Futures Summit

After 2 years of work, and participation from over 30 companies, IoT Tribe has concluded its Space Endeavour programme with the European Commission.

The development and deployment of European space technologies is a key priority for the European Commission and individual Member States, where the opening market of New Space, which is attracting increasing levels of investment, is enabling the access of non-traditional players to the exciting and dynamic market of space. At the same time, space itself is becoming more and more prominent and a critical infrastructure in the next generation of the human to cloud digital continuum advances and deployments.

To showcase the cutting-edge technologies, we have supported throughout the Space Endeavour programme we hosted our Galactic Futures summit in Madrid!

While pandemic restrictions meant that the event did not go exactly as planned we still had a great array of speakers and panellists from across Europe to reflect on the future of space technologies and what it would mean for surrounding industries.

With over 100 attendees, both virtual and in-person, we are looking forward to witnessing the everchanging face of space tech and seeing how our Space Endeavour alumni play a part in it.

To find out more about all the companies involved in the Space Endeavour programme click here

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