Press Release: the launch of ENABLE 6G

As 5G technology continues to be the driving force behind edge computing and autonomous vehicles, researchers and industry experts are already looking towards the future and the development of 6G technology. The ENABLE-6G project is crucial due to challenges in capacity, energy efficiency, latency, data security, and privacy. 6G networks must be more adaptable and intelligent to enable the realisation of a future vision that will contend with greater levels of complexity, contextualization, and data traffic while consuming less energy and offering stronger security and privacy measures. Such advancements are crucial to instil the necessary level of trust required for widespread adoption of next-generation devices and nodes.

One of the main objectives of ENABLE-6G is to ensure advanced privacy protections are built into the architecture, as concerns have grown about precise mapping and sensing, data privacy and security have become major concerns, while also becoming a major benefit for new use cases. The project will also focus on the design and implementation of software-defined networks that can operationalise optimised edge-to-cloud processing to facilitate time-critical and geo-distributed network orchestration (e.g., via the application of control-task algorithms).

The ENABLE-6G project, lead by the IMDEA Networks Institute, in collaboration with Telefónica, NEC Europe and BluSpecs, represents a major step forward in the new technologies into 6G to improve wireless communications, provide environmental sensing and significantly reduce the energy footprint per device to avoid a large overall increase in network power consumption. 

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