The Tech Continuum: From Cloud to Edge and everything in between

EU-IoT, a point of reference for the European Commission in the field of the Internet of Things, fits the BluSpecs mould perfectly, enabling us to draw on our experience in providing the connection between the communities that generate and adopt the next generation of Internet of Things technologies, e.g., human-device interfaces, autonomous and collaborative IoT, shared and secure data spaces.
The project defines the direction of advanced technologies for the next decade, including applications such as:
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Virtual and/or mixed Augmented Reality interfaces
These are supported by state-of- the-art infrastructure such as 5G. The applications for these advanced technologies span across many industries, like:
  • Agriculture (autonomous tractors, resource management – smart grazing)
  • Supply chains
  • Automotive (electric vehicles to stabilize the grid)
BluSpecs is managing the project’s strategic direction work, organizing biannual expert consultation sessions, as well as organizing the Advisory Council meetings. This project will bring focus areas and key issues to the fore with the participation of world-renowned experts, leading companies and policymakers. 
Through EU-IoT, we are drafting of a series of policy recommendations for the European Commission with a focus on R&D and investment issues, and the participation of emerging companies and industry to achieve the international leadership in IoT.


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