Building Talent Pipelines. Advanced digital skills for future competitiveness.

Our work on Digital Skills has never been more relevant. Over the past few years we have managed and supported the growth of the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs CoalitionEurope-wide community of digital skills stakeholders that have come together to reduce the digital skills gap in EuropeAlready of strategic importance at its creation in 2016, the pandemic has highlighted the economic and social importance of addressing the digital skills gap and the need to deliver mechanisms for digital skills ranging from basic digital literacy to advanced AI and Quantum.
The Coalition provides not just a structure to be proactive and propose actions, programmes, and initiatives to contribute to the digital transformation of Europe but to truly understand what is needed, where and when as well as works and what doesn’tActivity is structured around 4 key pillars:
  • All citizens: developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society.
  • Education: transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers.
  • ICT Professionals: developing advanced digital skills of the experts working in ICT and digital across all industry sectors.
  • Labour Force: developing digital skills for the digital economy such as upskilling and reskilling workers, actions on career advice and guidance.
The DSJC boasts over 600 members, including large companies, SMEs, NGOs and foundations, education providers, training providers as well as industry and professional associations.
The results speak for themselves, with over 22 million people benefitting from over 215 pledges by Coalition members, including world class tech companies such as Airbus or AWS to XRL23 and:
  • 11.2 million training places provided to Europeans.
  • 4.5 million certificates issued to validate digital skills.
  • 26,000 digital skills placements enabled.
  • 39,000 job vacancies matched.

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